London Based Charity providing DJ & Music Academies across London for children...

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Dance Aid is the fundraising arm of Onelife UK set up by DJ's Wayne Eldridge and Mete Alpsakarya in 2006. Thier mission was to fundraise for charities that helped under privalliged children in London by orgainsing exclusive dance events and celebrity nights.


Since its launch Dance Aid has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for childrens charities in London and have given large cash donations to

Action for Children, NSPCC and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.


We have also funded a treatment room in Great Ormond Street Hospital and donated 10 Defibrillator machines to the British Heart Foundation.


Wayne and Mete have been professional DJ’s for many years and have a very strong presence in the DJ community and due to the massive suscess of Dance Aid, have won a number of awards and achievments plus have many high profiled DJ's and Celebrities who are Patrons and offer thier time for free.


Dance Aid Achievements...

2007 Mete and Wayne were awarded with the British Heart Foundation Gold Heart Award.


2008 they won the Our Hero Award from the Shell Petrol and South London Press Awards.


2009  Awarded £1000 from Barclays Bank Let’s Do It Campaign to launch the Dance Academy pilot scheme at Crystal Palace FC.


2010 Mete and Wayne were invited to 10 Downing St. to meet the Primeminister, after having an audience with HRH Prince Charles in Westminster Cathideral.


2011 Mete and Wayne were chosen to be judges for the Spirit of London Awards at the Royal Alber Hall and also organised the after party event.


2012 Broke the official Guiness world DJ relay record along with 100 students.


2013 Made a full lenth feature film with students released at a local cinema.


2014 opened new weekly fundraising party boat on the Thames to fund London classes.




Recent Events...

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